nsanesis (nsanesis) wrote,

Take the quiz: "Which ICP Artist are you most like?"

Violent J
You are like Violent J the juggla!

Take the quiz: "Which Kind Of Juggalo Are You"

YOU ARE DOWN WITH THE CLOWN. You like ICP the most, woop woop!

Take the quiz: "What AFI member are you? Or are you just a fan?"

A Faithful Fan
Hey, you're not a member of AFI, but you might as well be, just totally moshing and ripping it up at the concerts. Follow them on tour and check the site as often as possible. You'll probably make a band that'll be like AFI. What you'll be in the band is up to you.

Take the quiz: "Juggalo Knowledge Quiz"

You Know Lotz
You're a smart motha facko.

Take the quiz: "which Twiztid album are you?"

Mirror Mirror
look into the cracked mirror...you are Twiztid's Mirror Mirror

Take the quiz: "what kind of Juggalo are you?"

All around Juggalo
you are just a mother fucking Juggalo!clown love!

Take the quiz: "Are you a maggot or a juggalo?"

You are a Maggot you love Slipknot and you do whatever they tell you to do so stay (sic) maggots!
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